Jun 25, 2011

Things That Are the Most eBook

I have been wanting to create this project for the past month but there have been so many others things happening. Report cards have gone home, class video is done so this was next on my list. 
It's taken a while because I've been trying to problem solve the best way possible to create it. See their just isn't problem solving in math. I think I've finally figured it out. Here's what I did, I used Google Docs and created a power point presentation, so you could easily flip through the slides. I then copied and pasted the word documents (next year I'll just have them do the writing in Google, so much easier). Uploaded the images from their work on KidPixs. Published the presentation, embedded the code in 'edit HTML' and here we are.
If you don't know the book it's a great activity to get the creative juices flowing and allow the kids to have some fun with words and their imagination to think of what could be the most in the world. I've done this project many different ways but I think the digital ebook will be my favourite. I hope you enjoy reading it. 


  1. Great job Ms. Brown and her creative grade two class:)

  2. Thank you very much. We appreciate your comment.

  3. Wonderful Idea! I just found this book for 60 cents at a thrift store and I knew I could use it but I didn't know how.

  4. Adrienne, it's a fabulous book. The kids love the pictures and what is said. It's also a great art activity to get the kids thinking about drawing or creating their image bigger than they normally would. Good luck with it.


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