Jun 8, 2011

Day 5 Observations

Kasha - Half of them will be in their cocoons.
Hannah L. - They will have more silk in the vials and some might be starting chrysalises.
Katie - There's will be a lot of regurgitated food.
Katleyn - They'll be really really fat.
Christian - All the food might be gone.
Camron - Number 26 might be starting to make a cocoon.
Tuff - Most of them are grown up and the others might still be larva.

Tuff - Lots are in chrysalises.
Katleyn - Number 28 has silk all over it.
Katie - Two of the caterpillars in the vials are dead.
Kasha - Number 26 is in it's cocoon.
Sophia - There's three in each vial and only one or two of them are in it's cocoon.
Katelyn - There is a lot of regurgitated food.
Maverick - Number 19 has died.

They are just starting to form their J-shape.

 It's been 7 days and this one has turned into a chrysalis. I wonder if it will be the first to turn into a Painted Lady Butterfly?

Thank you Akryn for being such a fantastic photographer.

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