Jun 1, 2011

Day 1 Observations

Rand - they will be longer and fatter
Brooke - the food is going to be lower because they will have eaten some of it
Katelyn - lots of poop
Hannah L. - the larva might make a whole to live in
Maverick - they might have tunnels in their food
Tuff - the food is going to be crumbly
Katie - thinks it's going to go onto the lid and make a cocoon
Camron - when it makes a cocoon, it might go through the air holes

Here's what we noticed when we looked at them:
Kasha - some where on top getting ready to make a cocoon
Maverick - some had dug holes
Tuff - the caterpillars were hanging from the top because they are making it like their home on a tree
Brooke - the food was in big clumps
Camron - they had regergitating their food

Katelyn - Do you think they will eat through the lid?
Hannah L - Do you think the caterpillars go to the bottom and eat and eat and then hang upside down and then return to eat again?
Maverick - Do they only eat moist food or regurgitated food?
Katie - Is it going to be a problem with three caterpillars in one vial?
Brooke - Why would the bigger one make a cocoon first?
Camron - Will the bigger one's break the cocoon first?

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