Oct 11, 2012

Breaking Rocks Part 2

How do you think the kids did breaking the rocks? I know I said I would post pictures as soon as the kids were finished breaking the rocks but things outside of school have been CRAZY!!! I was really impressed with the enthusiasim the kids showed with bringing their supplies to school. So many of them brought helmets, safety googles, gloves and of course hammers.
This activity was an opportunity to have them create a plan and follow through with the plan as well as be assessed based on a rubric. I wanted them to know that when I give them criteria for an activity it's really important they follow it. Plus this was an opportunity for them to take ownership of their science project especially in the planning phase. 

Sep 16, 2012

Breaking Rocks

This week in science we're going to talk about creating a plan to break a rock. Your child will need to come up with a plan on how they will go about breaking a rock, what safety precautions they will need to think about and plan for themselves and others in the classroom as well as what they think they might find in the rock. We'll be working on this plan on Wednesday. Your child will bring the supplies they might need to school on Thursday and follow through with the plan they created. If this should change I will let you know. 

I can try to bring what the kids need but if they could bring their own supplies it will help keep them excited about the task. 

I'm excited to see what they come up with. 

Sep 14, 2012

Rock Holders

I've got some great problem solvers in the classroom this year. Their task was to construct a Rock Holder that an inventor had created to display the beautiful rocks found in their community. The Rock Holder needed to be stable, hold one rock, only use one piece of paper and be able to either stand on it's own or be held by one hand. The students had to create what they thought the inventor made. 

I wanted to see how they problem solved and attacked the task. They worked really hard and went right to work. I was watching to see how they persevered since we had been talking about what perseverance was in math and computer class. Here are the amazing Rock Holders some of them came up with. 

When I first designed this task, I thought they would just take the piece of paper and roll it up and put the rock on top. I never imaged they would have really used their imagination. For some, it wasn't a real  big challenge. I heard one say, "I make this all the time to carry my rocks" for her I guess it wasn't that difficult and she didn't really persevere but for others it was  challenge and I got to really see how they kept trying and trying. 

Sep 13, 2012

Welcome Back!

Oh my, I have not been very good about updating this blog. Another year has gone and a new school year is beginning. I've got a group of 13 boys and 5 girls. Yikes! I've got my work cut out for me. 

Today, I think it hit them that they are back in school. I could see the limp backs, tired eyes and glazed over looks just after library. They are tired. Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday. 

I have pictures to share but I'm just waiting on approval from parents. Until then, take a look at the new Rock Investigation I created. We've been doing a lot of sorting of Rocks. Their task was to sort by 2 attributes. As you'll see some can do it and others are still learning. That's okay because we've got a whole year to learn how to sort by two attributes. Sorting is a really big idea and I do not know if teachers really give it the time it needs in school. I know I am going to be spending more time on it this year. 

Jun 24, 2012

Play Day & Swimming

If the weather continues to cooperate then Play Day will take place in the morning. In the afternoon, we'll be going to the Eastlink Centre for our annual swim with the other grade 2 classrooms. 
Don't forget your bathing suit, towel and a bag to hold all of your stuff in. Parent volunteers, if you happen to have a membership to the Eastlink Centre could you please bring it, if not the school will cover your costs for volunteering your time. 
We'll be at the pool close to 1:00 and be swimming until about 2:30. We will assign you some students who you'll be responsible for. 
Looking forward to tomorrow. Get lots of rest it's going to be a busy day. 

Jun 15, 2012

Bike Ride

The bike ride is a go. Don't forget your helmets, water, snacks and lunches. I am getting excited.
Ms. Brown

Jun 13, 2012

Neat Transformations - Day 14

When I came into work this morning and looked at our chrysalis's I discovered one was getting really close to finishing its transformation. Here are some pictures. 
 This is just an interesting picture one of the kids took. 
Look at how transparent the outer layer of the chrysalis is. You can see the inside of the it and see parts of the butterfly. So cool....

Caterpillars - Day 4

The caterpillars have been busy eating and eating and growing and growing.
Here are some pictures the kids have taken. The pictures run from Day 4 up to about Day 12.

Eating and eating.

They are growing bigger

Starting to form the J Shape just before they turn into a chrysalis

They've turned into a chrysalis

 Taking them from the vials and putting them into the net on day 12
 Resting and waiting for their transformation into butterflies.

This is what's left in the vials. Do you see the left over skin from them shedding? 

Jun 4, 2012

Caterpillars - Day 2

What we saw?
1. Maddy saw a whole bunch of silk webs. Thought they were in shock that's why they were not moving.
2. Kassy saw the webs on the wall.
3. Kaiya saw some of the caterpillars have crawled up the wall.
4. Erika thought some of them were dead.

The size of the caterpillars stayed the same from one day to the next.

Caterpillars - Day 1

What we did?
1. We put the caterpillars in the vials with some food. 
2. Looked at them.
3. Cleaned our hands really well so we didn't contaminate the caterpillars. 

What we saw? 
1. Brooke saw them moving around and she thought they were eating food.
2. Teegan saw them curled up in a ball. 
3. Maysen saw they had webs.
4. Alyssa saw some were climbing up the walls and curling up.
5. Amber saw hers eating. 

May 18, 2012

My Other Blog

Hello Everyone,

I've created another blog that will focus on how I teach math and the connections my students are making and are not making. The blog will have a strong focus on math. If you are at all interested in learning how to help your students build number sense or you just want to lurk around and gain some ideas please come on over to The Math Whisperer. I'm starting the dialogue, I just need you to contribute more of your ideas.

Looking forward to the conversations.

Apr 10, 2012

Latest Update

It has been a very busy couple of days. Since I've last posted, we've gone to the Queen's Creek Olive Mill, I've visited the pool and read, went shopping to Target (I love Target), hiked Camelback Mountain and relaxed. What have you been doing on your Spring Break boys and girls? 
I'm going to a bookstore today so wish me luck in not bringing any books home. They are heavy and I do not know if I've got extra room in my suitcases. 

This is Brittney our tour guide for the Olive Tour. The machine she is standing next to is called the Expeller. You pour the olives into the top of it and it basically presses the olive out of them. 
 This is a 3 year old Olive Tree.

 This is a 7 year old Olive tree.

We got a chance to sample some olives at the end of the tour, these are the JalapeƱo
filled olives. I liked them and the garlic filled ones. 

We went to a very fancy shopping mall called the Biltmore Shopping Plaza. After our hike we were hungry and thirsty so we stopped at the Haagen-Daus ice cream shop for a Smoothie. Mine was Very Berry and it was delicious. Here are some photos of the courtyard you walked through to get to the stores. It's very different than out malls. 

 This flower garden smelled incredible. It has tones of petunia's. I wanted to bottle it up and take it home.

We had Easter Brunch at a golf course called Sun Ridge Canyon. I got to play with some play dough while we visited. Here's the Bunny and her Peeps. 

Here we are outside of the golf course. Brunch was delicious.
 Getting started on Camelback Mountain. This is one of the hardest climbs in Scottsdale. We made it to the Saddle this year. My feet haven't been the same since we came down. 

Here is my husband being funny. 

 Above are two of the spectacular views from the mountain. I'll come back again next year in more shape and ready to go to the top. I hope you've enjoyed the update. I get my tripod today so I'm looking forward to taking some pictures of the sunsets and more flowers using my macro lens. 
Until next time.