Jun 4, 2011

Day 3 Observations

Camron - Start to make the chrysalis.
Hannah L. - thinks they will be fatter and longer.
Sophia - thinks they grew
Katie - Lots of them would have regurgitated lots
Maverick - A bunch of them are on the top of the vial.
Brooke - The food will be in clumps.

Rand - Lots of regurgitated food
Camron - They are getting bigger in a short amount of time.
Carter - They are eating more and they are molting more.
Maverick - There is one hanging by a web
Kasha - they are getting longer
Katie - Some of them have died and they are still really small.

Brooke - Why don't the caterpillars turn into a chrysalis on the bottom of the vial because nothing will harm them?
Tuff - Why are they regurgitating all of their food?
Christian - Why is little black dots all over the place?
Here are some pictures Katie took. Thank you for being a good photographer.

I am noticing the silk is starting to form along the vial. It must mean the chrysalis will be forming.

I wonder what will happen over the weekend?

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  1. Your caterpillars sure are growing. Isn't it amazing how fast they double, triple and quadruple their size? It has been only a week and already they are spinning their silk. Do you think they will be chrysalises when you are in school on Monday? I love your photos and you have made some excellent observations about your caterpillars. The questions you are wondering about are also excellent. Why do they regurgitate their food? I think the little black dots are caterpillar droppings. What do you think? Can't wait to see your next update.
    Kathy Hall
    Grade 3 teacher
    Aurora School
    Drayton Valley, AB


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