Sep 10, 2014

Taking photos.

Today we learned how to take good quality photos with the iPad Minis. They learned that photos need to be:
Have all the details of their work 
Be organized

Maybe I should follow my own advice. Hard to get them to be still during an action shot ��. 
Here is what some if them did. 

They are not perfect but they'll get better. 

Sep 8, 2014

Welcome Back!

I figured if I wanted you to come to the blog I better post some stuff for you to read. We got through the first week of school, boy was I tired Friday, and we're into the second week. 
Your child is settling in and learning the classroom routines. Last week we looked at translating our name pattern's into actions, sounds and on paper and with colour. More work is going to be needed. 
This week we'll be working on building routines for Reader's Workshop and Word Work. We are up to 8 minutes of reading stamina. Yay!!! You may have heard that we collected rocks today for our Rock Investigation. We'll be working on Perseverance, tomorrow you can ask your child what this word means. In our rock unit, we'll be learning how to sort, work with mass, learn how to persevere and build a plan for breaking rocks. Don't tell them about this because it's a surprise for the end of the week. In math we're working on learning how to subitize (when you look at a collection you can identify it without counting) and seeing the parts inside the whole number. For example, the whole number is 6 but the parts might be 3 + 3, 2 + 5, etc. 
In writer's workshop they are learning to write from their own ideas and begin to organize their writing on a 5 Finger Planner. 
Looking forward to posting some photos. 

May 5, 2014

How Do I Learn?

Have you ever asked your students to answer this question?  You might want to give it a try, I think you would be pleasantly surprised by the answer. I know I sure was.  A couple of weeks ago, I asked my grade twos this question (It comes from the Inspiring Education document from the Alberta Government) and I wanted them to video tape each other and post it to their blogs (Yes.. you read that correctly, I have my students video tape themselves all the time). If you are interested in going to take a look here are the videos on How Do I Learn
After reviewing the video, I picked those I felt the students needed to hear because of what was said. Here is what the students said: 

We then talked about, what evidence shows your learning? I was blown out of the water by what these little people came up with.  Yes... all my reinforcing of vocabulary has paid off.

You might want to try asking your students, how they learn and have a conversation about it one class.  It think it would make for an interesting discussion.

Reducing our global footprint

Earth Day was this past Tuesday and our class decided to collect our garbage and recycling to see how we can reduce our global footprint. The students discovered they throw away a lot of plastic bags as well as wrappers from processed food (shocking I know).
When discussing what they could do differently, they decided to reuse the plastic bags by taking them home and asking parents to reuse them as well as washing out the plastic containers yogurt, apple sauces and fruit cups go into and recycling them instead of throwing them in the garbage. 
They made some reasonable decisions I know they can follow through with. It would be great for you to have a conversation with them about how else you can reduce the amount of garbage thrown away.

Happy Earth Day 365 Days of the Year!

Apr 23, 2014


Some of them finally figured out what the lone Band-aid was doing way up on the wall beside the clock. I had many guesses like; it's holding the wall together, there is a crack and the Band-aid is holding it together and it has a sore. The students have been WONDERING since day one why it was up there and I couldn't tell them. I just left them guessing. 
Well, when we started the Band-aid Investigation, I heard this loud cheer from one boy in particular, it went something like this, "YES!!! Now we get to find out why the band-aid is on the wall." Inside, I had to laugh because of how important that thing was to them. To be honest the real reason it was up there, wasn't to capture their attention but because I'm too lazy to take it off. Now I know they will be interested and wondering why it's there next year. 
Here are some photos of us measuring the height of a giant in our classroom. If you look back to the beginning of this blog you'll see use trying to solve the height of the giant. He is 6 cubits and 1 span tall and the students have to show how tall he is at the beginning of the year. 
Today they had to measure the giants height with the measuring tool they'd made with only one band-aid. You could have heard a pin drop in the room with how engaged they were. 
If you're interested in seeing what they produced go to the class blog page
Here are some photos of the work we've done.