Jun 7, 2011

Day 4 Observations

Camron - They might be in their chrysalises.
Maverick - Their food will be a lot lower.
Katie - The ones that have regurgitated will have double the amount.
Tuff - They will be triple the size since Friday.
Hannah L. - Their food might be chunky.
Katelyn - They are probably very very fat.
Brooke - Some of them might be at the top.

Hannah M. - Some of the little ones have died.
Katie - They have gotten really big and I think in a couple of days they will be in their chrysalis.
Camron - They are very very fat.
Maverick - One of them looks like they are hanging from the lid of the vial.
Brooke - Number 16 is starting it's chrysalis, we see some white stuff.
Hannah L. - They have regurgitated a lot.
Hannah M - They've eaten lots of food because they are getting bigger.
Katie - They have changed colors (yellow and black)
Brooke - Number 4 has circle regurgitated food.
Camron - Is seeing little claws on the bottom of their feet.
Ms. Brown - Noticed that Number 26 was hanging upside down in the shape of a J.

Katie - What's the whitish yellowish stuff inside the vials?
Hannah L. - Is the whitish yellowish stuff silk and is it going to be what they hang on the lid with?
Maverick - What is the red stuff in the vials?
Camron - Why is their orange stuff with the food?
Sorry there are no pictures today. Ms. Brown forgot her camera and then forgot to take pictures with her phone. 

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