Jun 23, 2011

Last Couple of Days

Last week I thought would never end and this week is going so quickly. I'm trying to enjoy it with the kids and take in as much as I can. I love and dislike the end of the year. I like it because I'm so tired and I'm ready for a rest and I know the kids are. Summer is a time when I recharge my batteries and spend sometime on me. 
I HATE saying goodbye to these little guys. I always cry on the last days and yesterday I found myself crying when I asked my teaching assistant to remove their portraits. I've kept them up all year and I've loved seeing the beautiful colors and smiling faces. I composed myself but it was hard. Tomorrow when we say goodbye I know there will be tears. Prepare yourself kids. 

Here are a couple of final photo's from our butterflies and our picnic. 

Thank you for being great kids. I know the year was hard at times but you did extremely well and I'm so proud of you. I will miss all of you!

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