Apr 29, 2011

A Happy Day...

Today started at 2:00 am when I got up to watch the Royal Wedding. I was just going to PVR it and sleep but as I watched the news last night before I went to bed I realized I couldn't sleep through such a historic day. I'm so glad I got up. If you haven't watched the ceremony I highly recommend you do. Kate was breathtaking and William as handsome and dashing as ever. 
My favourite moment was just after she reached the alter and she had composed herself. William says how beautiful she looked. 
The water works haven't stopped all day. I'm dead dog tired but can't sleep. 
When the kids got to school I had to show them pictures of some of the special moments that occured today. They were very excited as well and asked some really good questions. Some of the best ones were:  Why didn't they kiss in the church? and Was William playing thumb wars in the carriage? I said no to the the thumb wars and said he was being a royal and sitting nice and still because that's what he had to do. Well that was way out of his realm of thinking. If you knew this little guy you'd understand what I'm talking about.
The kids were so good today and so excited. Not because of the Royal Wedding but because they'd earned themselves a part. It was a two day celebration. They built forts got to wear their pajamas to school all day and had orange and root beer floats. I couldn't have asked for a better group of kids.
They wanted more!!
The celebrating continued after school. When I got home and went to the mailbox I found a letter from the University of Alberta letting me know I was recommended to the Elementary Education MEd Course Based program to begin my Master's. It's based on the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research approving the request. It doesn't matter because I'm pumped. 
I posted on Facebook that today was a "happy" day. 
It sure was!

Apr 28, 2011

Party Time

I have never seen a group of kids so excited to earn a party as they were today. They have earned 10 check marks and were so proud of themselves. I know that I said I wasn't going to use rewards this year but this group of kids have had a really challenging year and I felt they needed to see and work towards a goal. 
So tomorrow they will wear their pj's to school, bring blankets and their DS's and PSP's to school. They wanted to have ice cream floats, so we are going all out.
I'm looking forward to tomorrow because of PJ Day and the Royal Wedding is on in the morning. I'm going to be dead dog tired but it's going to be worth it. 
Look for pictures.

Happy Easter

I know I'm a week late with posting these pictures but as some people say, "Better late than never!" We had a great day. We made Easter basket the day before and the kids got to hunt for eggs first thing in the morning. I then thought it would be a lot of fun for them to pull the eggs out of their baskets using chopsticks. Some didn't know how to use the chopsticks but quickly came up with a strategy to solve their problem. They're getting to be great problem solvers. 

Apr 17, 2011

Sunshine... Oh how I love you!

It's amazing what sunshine can do for your spirits. The sun is streaming through my windows and blinding me as I type (I really don't mind). The heat is wonderful. The dogs are even enjoying the rays. 

It's nice to see the sun because it's been long winter.  When you wake up to the sun it makes the possibilities for the day endless. You've got energy to do more, you want to be outside instead of cooped up indoors. With that being said, I think I'll take these two for a walk and then continue with my spring cleaning. I'll be back with more educational posts this week.

Apr 12, 2011

New Beginnings

It's been a very busy month and a half. I know it's been sometime since I posted on here and I apologize. We had report cards, parent teacher interviews, teacher's convention, and spring break. 
I was fortunate enough to be able to go to Phoenix, Arizona. It was a well deserved break from school and all the snow we'd received over the winter. The weather was beautiful, the pool was refreshing and the hiking and company was outstanding. It was nice to come home to sun and a majority of the snow gone. 
The weather this week has been beautiful in Grande Prairie. Not like Phoenix but for us it's GORGEOUS. The sun has shined and our playground is a soup bowl of water, dirt and wet slushy snow. Hopefully by the end of the weekend more of it will have disappeared. 
I've very excited because I'm typing this post from my new MacBook Pro computer. I've dreamed of having one and now it's come true. Those of you who know me well know that I LOVE anything Mac. I've worked on a great MacBook for the past 6 years and I felt it was time to upgrade. What a difference. I'm so excited to be working on it. I'm wondering if my students will notice the difference tomorrow. They notice when I wear different shoes so anything is possible. 
I'm really avoiding working on a math presentation I'm giving Tuesday after school. In fact, I'm sitting watching the Master's and I don't like golf. Perhaps, I can think of it as thinking time.