Jun 17, 2013

Butterflies Have Emerged

Our butterflies finally emerged from their chrysalis this weekend. We were fortunate enough today during math to watch many more come out of their chrysalis. It was an exciting morning. Tomorrow we'll release them so they can go and lay more eggs.
Please remember we need more volunteers for the field trip on Thursday afternoon as well as for the swimming on Monday, June 24th in the afternoon as well.

Jun 13, 2013

Caterpillars Moving Into Aquarium

1. Take out the caterpillar and put it in the aquarium.
2. Tape it on to the side.
3. Cut the silk to take off the lid.

Caterpillar Larvae

1. we put out all the materiealls. (materials)
2.caterpillar food meshering (measuring cup) cup.
3.dump pouter (powder) in bowl.
4.add 100 ml.
5.Ad (add) lots of water.
6.skwish (squished) down food with the spoon.
7.ms.brown gave every body a lid.
8.one caterpiller per cup.
9.get a magnifindglas. (got a magnifying glass)
10.write down all the question.

Some Interesting Video of Our Chrysalis

Last night when I was adding the last of the chrysalis to the aquarium I noticed this particular chrysalis's back end was extremely wiggly. It was intersting for me to watch this. I've never seen any of them do this in all the years I've working on this project.

Then these two were the last to go into the aquarium and this is what I recorded. I'm wondering why these two are as active as they are and why just this end of the chrysalis? Any thoughts?