Jun 2, 2011

Day 2 Observations

Katie - They will be really fat and long.
Brooke - The one hanging from the top will be in a cocoon.
Maverick - He thinks it might be half way in it's cocoon.
Hannah L. - Food will be lower because they've eaten most of it. One might have eaten a whole in the food.
Kasha - A couple will be in it's cocoon and they won't be larva anymore.
Tuff - The caterpillars will be really, really fat.

Hannah M. - They shedded/molting. Katie thinks it's because they got bigger.
Katie - They are all different colors like red, yellow, black.
Hannah L - They are getting longer and fatter. One shedded more than once.

Katie - When are they going to form their cocoon?
Tuff - What are they all going to change colors?
Camron - Will they all make it to the cocoon stage?
Kasha - Do they shed more than once?
Katelyn - I wonder if they will get out of their cocoon alive?

The kids think the caterpillars are making there way up to the top of the lids. The kids would really like it if you responded to some of their comments and questions.

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