Jun 23, 2011

Teaching Resources

This is my reading material for this summer. I might be out of luck but I'm going to give it a good try. Keep returning for my list of the resources I use and love to teach various subjects in school. 
The top three tech books are for my first course this year. Can't wait to delve into some of them this weekend over several cups of coffee.
What is on your reading list this summer? 


  1. I need some Math ideas! Got any stuff you can bring for me to read at Ol' Mac's??

  2. That is a very ambitious stack of books! I wish I was that brave. I have several of those books, but I haven't read them cover to cover. Good luck!

    Simply 2nd Resources

  3. I am a teaching nerd! I think I have read most of those books over the years!

    My new read for the summer is going to be the Conferring book by Allen.

    I also want to reread the Math Workstations book by Diller.

  4. That is a great pile of books and I have only read one. Is there a chance you could write the titles and the authors in a list and send it to me - I would love to check them out. Here is my email if you are willing: kathy.hall@wrsd.ca. Thanks, April. The WIll Richardson one is a wonderful read and fast. If you like him, try Alan November. Have a great summer.

  5. My plan is to post them all on my blog as Professional Resources so you can also have links to them. Just haven't gotten around to it yet.

    Debbie's Math Stations is really good.

    Will Ms. D


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