Oct 26, 2011

Witches Feet

With the change of our schedule we can't do art on Tuesday's any more. There were a lot disappointed students. Due to the power I have, I decided to postpone science until next week and do art. Here's what we ended up creating. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Click play to view the slideshow.
The art idea comes from Art Projects for Kids


  1. what a neat idea. That is cool you enjoy art just as much as the kids.

  2. I think you are right Jenn. I do like teaching art. I think I like it because the kids like it so much. They do such wonderful work.

  3. Fantastic artwork, Grade 2!
    I'm looking forward to showing my class in England how fabulous your painting is.
    From Mrs Edmonds

  4. You did a fantastic job on your Witches Feet.
    Ms. Brown


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