Oct 15, 2011

Moving Right Along

The class is well on it's way to building routines and understanding the classroom rules. We are just about in the middle of October which is crazy when you really think about it. Time goes so quickly when you are busy. 
Report cards are coming out at the beginning of November. Wow!!! So this means, I am thinking about reporting to parents how their child is doing.
Here is a brief overview of what we've been working on in each subject area: 
In Writer's Workshop we've built routines that allow us to write for 10 minutes independently, even I get a chance to write. We've worked on finding good ideas, adding some details to our writing, using punctuation properly, although some still do not use it consistently. Actually writing our ideas down. The students also get an opportunity to blog about their writing ideas. This month we're working on learning all of the different ways authors organize their writing. 
In Word Work we've again built routines, we're working on different sounds in words depending on our levels. The students are comparing no more than 2 or 3 sounds at a time which makes it quite manageable them. 
Math has been a lot of fun. In September we worked on measurement. We measured our own heights, tired to figure out how tall a giant was and compared the two. It was an opportunity to see who could problem solve and persevere. The students have worked with Cuisenaire rods. They've been building relationships and comparing the rods to get to know them. They are a manipulative used frequently to understand number, measurement, and other mathematical relationships.
They are still building stamina in Daily 5. They've worked on Read to Self, Work on Writing, Read to Someone. Next week I'll integrate Word Work and eventually Listen to Reading. I am meeting with individual students to set a reading goal (comprehension, accuracy, fluency or expand vocabulary). This has been time consuming but worth it to have student working independently to practice their reading skills.
We have finished a Healthy Eating Unit and they are moving into a new science unit. It's called Motion, Magnets and Imagination. They are learning how forces can move objects.
In art, they have worked with watercolors (blending colors), worked with creating texture with paint and worked with various materials like oil pastels and chalk pastels.
I hope this helps to keep you posted as to what we do all day what to expect on the report card.

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