Oct 3, 2011

New Design

As you can see from the pictures, I have made some changes to our room. I don't normally rearrange furniture during the year. But I had some concerns with safety and the flow of the room. The big blue table at the back was too much for the little space we had. I moved it up by my desk so that I am able to reach my teaching materials when I need them. It's also closer to the Smart Board so if I need to use the Smart Board for instruction I'm able to do so.
I found another table and took out the last 3 desk I had. I've slowly moved away from desks. Connor asked why I didn't like desks this morning and I replied with, I just prefer tables because they give you more room to work on the table and on the floor. It also gives us more space on the floor when we need to work there.
I think the changes are going to be good.
Ms. Brown

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