Oct 17, 2011

Movement, Magents and Imagination

The class is learning about Movement, Magnets and Imagination. This past week Science In Motion came to our school to teach them about Magnets. You'll see several pictures from the activities we did. 
This is so cool!!!
Magnets can be very strong.

Testing out what attracts and doesn't attract to a magnet.

Can you see the invisible magnet field?

This was really neat but I can't remember the name.

You can pass materials through our structure to test if the magnetic field passes through.

Look what I did!!!

Throughout the week in science they have been trying different science experiments about moving. Friday was a fun day because they got to see how Dominoes move. There are also some pictures and video of the Dominoes falling down. 
Take some time to talk about what they are learning at home and showing them different ways things can be moved. 


  1. Teegan tells me that all the class does in Science is "play". When she told me this, I chuckled, and she replied, "Really, Mom, that is all we do in Science." Great Job Mrs. Brown! She loves Science!

  2. Thank you Candace. Science is quite fun. I'm glad she is liking it. Just wait until tomorrow when she gets to use a ping pong ball and a straw.


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