Oct 5, 2011

World Teacher Day and an Oops!

Wishing all my fellow followers, subscribers and other teacher friends a fabulous day. Teaching has got to be the most rewarding job in the world. This year I am finding the joy in it again. Yesterday, I accidentally dropped the book, "Beautiful Oops!" on a boys forehead, yes it just slipped out of my hands and bonked him right in the forehead. I felt so bad and apologized. He was okay with it. We'll see if Connor sits up close again :-). 
Just before we continued talking about it again, I said, "I wanted to talk about the book Oops, but not that kind of Oops!" They all burst out laughing I mean all of them, and made me feel so much better. It's these little moments that make my day so wonderful. 
Thank you to all the parents who trust me with your children. They are wonderful little kids. To all the other teachers out there I hope you can find time to laugh with your students as well. 
Here's a fun joke Dredon told me: Why did 6 not like 7? Because 7, ate nine. He said he didn't get it but it gave me a giggle. 
Have a terrific day with your kids. 


  1. Hi Ms. Brown

    Dredon was telling about what had happened with the book in class, we also had a little giggle. I think that blogging with the children is such a great idea and I am so proud of the things that Dre and his classmates are learning in your class. Dre comes home each day telling me that Grade 2 is the best grade that he has been in, and that he loves going to Harry Balfour. Thank you for making my son's learning experience a good one :)

    :Lynette D

  2. Thank you Lynette for that wonderful comment. It is a please to have Dredon in my room. He is such a neat little guy. I'm glad you chose our school. It's a wonderful place for learning.


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