Oct 7, 2011

He Was Almost Right!

Here is another silly story from the adventures of 2B. We were out of a short walk to our community park and back to the school on Thursday morning. We had just come from the park and the boys were dragging behind us. Yes, all 7 of them! You can see all of them behind us girls.
I stopped and asked them to please keep up. One boy wasn't paying attention so I asked him what I'd said. He paused for a short time and responed with, "You want us to be quiet because we are going up a hill!" "Nope! Please keep up with us." I asked again. We start walking again and out of the mouth of Teegan comes, "He almost got is right!!!!" in a voice only I heard. I think we've got a brilliant comedian on our hands. 
You made my day little lady. 
Happy Thanksgiving everyone. 
I'm thankful for the joy to laugh at such precious moments. 

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  1. Yes, Teegan you are our little comedian at home as well. You are a sweetie!


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