Apr 5, 2012

Walk About

On yesterdays walk this is what I took pictures of. I am trying to be creative in the photos I am take along with learning how to use my camera. This is my perspective of Scottsdale, AZ. These posts have nothing to do with school other than showing you how I can post my vacation pictures and be thoughtful in what I choose to snap pictures of. 

Here goes: 

Getting started.
My favourite trail to walk along in the mornings. Today I am going to borrow a bike and ride along it. 

Having fun swimming. My goal was to capture the rippling of the water and the splashes of the water fountain. I think I was successful.
This fountain comes at the very end of the trail. 
Part of Camelback Mountain.

Grass. Don't you love the colour?

I could not resist taking a picture of the grass. This is my favourite green colour. 

The grass poking through gives this picture and interesting look. Can you figure out what the metal grates are? 

Are you wondering what this might be? 

 This is a hybiscus tree. The fluffy parts come first then the flower appears. It is in it's blooming season now.

 Another hibiscus. I thought the white puffy things looked a little bit like Pussy Willows.

This is one of my favourites because the grass got really blurry in the background and you can really see the metal seat of the bench popping out. Oops, I gave it away. 

Hope you've enjoyed the pictures today. It's your last day of school. Hooray you made it to Spring Break. I am looking forward to reading what you do over your holiday. Keep visiting because I am going to post more pictures. I am wondering what I will find today? 

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