Apr 10, 2012

Latest Update

It has been a very busy couple of days. Since I've last posted, we've gone to the Queen's Creek Olive Mill, I've visited the pool and read, went shopping to Target (I love Target), hiked Camelback Mountain and relaxed. What have you been doing on your Spring Break boys and girls? 
I'm going to a bookstore today so wish me luck in not bringing any books home. They are heavy and I do not know if I've got extra room in my suitcases. 

This is Brittney our tour guide for the Olive Tour. The machine she is standing next to is called the Expeller. You pour the olives into the top of it and it basically presses the olive out of them. 
 This is a 3 year old Olive Tree.

 This is a 7 year old Olive tree.

We got a chance to sample some olives at the end of the tour, these are the JalapeƱo
filled olives. I liked them and the garlic filled ones. 

We went to a very fancy shopping mall called the Biltmore Shopping Plaza. After our hike we were hungry and thirsty so we stopped at the Haagen-Daus ice cream shop for a Smoothie. Mine was Very Berry and it was delicious. Here are some photos of the courtyard you walked through to get to the stores. It's very different than out malls. 

 This flower garden smelled incredible. It has tones of petunia's. I wanted to bottle it up and take it home.

We had Easter Brunch at a golf course called Sun Ridge Canyon. I got to play with some play dough while we visited. Here's the Bunny and her Peeps. 

Here we are outside of the golf course. Brunch was delicious.
 Getting started on Camelback Mountain. This is one of the hardest climbs in Scottsdale. We made it to the Saddle this year. My feet haven't been the same since we came down. 

Here is my husband being funny. 

 Above are two of the spectacular views from the mountain. I'll come back again next year in more shape and ready to go to the top. I hope you've enjoyed the update. I get my tripod today so I'm looking forward to taking some pictures of the sunsets and more flowers using my macro lens. 
Until next time. 

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