Apr 6, 2012

Bike Ride through Scottsdale

That was a long ride but so worth it. My friend Ken took me on a bike trip around the city of Scottsdale. Who knew there were so many trails you could ride on. I think we travelled about 25 km. The funnest part was stopping for frozen yogurt at TCBY (The Country's Best Yogurt). It truly was the best frozen yogurt I've tasted. Maybe it's because of the long bike ride and I needed a rest or because Ken's bike just 'happened' to make a right turn at the end of the path, either way I'm glad it did. 
 These are the bikes we rode on. I loved it. They're called Townies and I think I've got to get myself one.

 This lizard was scurrying through these rocks and I just happened to get a photograph of him.
 Here's my friend Ken after we finished our delicious yogurt. 
 Some ducks looking for food.

 Very pretty garden sign outside of a condo complex. 
 Snap Dragons. They were my favourite. 

 Silverado golf course with Camelback Mountain in the distance. I've been to the top of it before and I plan on going again. 
 Here's the trail I'll take. I will make sure to go up the easy side this time. 
 Flowering cacti. 

 Some kind of Aloe Vera plant.
 These types of tunnels are all over Scottsdale. It makes getting around on the pathways so easy and safe. You never have to ride on the busy road. 
 Ken is waiting for me to take my picture. You can see the pathway keeps on going and going.
Just a fun picture of me trying to take a picture of the water running down the side of a big basin in a park. I got it but the basin isn't in focus. 
We're off to the Market in Mesa and and Olive Tour. Should be an interesting day of pictures. 

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