Apr 3, 2012

Birthday Surprise

Good Morning Class!
We arrived in Phoenix safe and sound. We had to get up at 4:00 am to be at the airport by 5:30. I was quite tired by the time I arrived but so happy to be here. My birthday was great. My mom made me a poppy seed cake with peanut butter icing...Hmmm it was delicious. 
After we got back from grocery shopping this is what was waiting for me. 

It's called a Flower Cake. You can't eat it but it sure is pretty to look at. I used several of my new lenses to take pictures of it. I used a new lens called a Macro, you can get really close to an image and it magnifies it. Check this interesting photo out of water droplets on the petals of the roses. Cool don't you think...
One of my favourite restaurants to go to is called The Bamboo Club. Because it was my birthday, I got to choose the place I wanted to eat at and I chose this place. Here are some of the dishes we chose to eat. They were scrumptiously delicious. 
Lettuce Wraps, my favourite.

It was yummy!

Wonton Soup

Honey Lemon Chicken, the Cucumber Salad on the side was to die for


Beef and Asparagus with Black Bean Sauce

Cantonese Chow Main

Vanilla Ice Cream with Flambéed Berries. Yummy!!!
We went back home for birthday cake and look who decided to join us... I use my telephoto lens (able to take pictures far away but makes it look like you are up close) to take this picture. My mom does not like the Gecko's. I think he's pretty cool. He was about the size of an orange cuisenaire rod.

Unwelcome visitor
So far, that's all I've done, today I'm planning on taking a walk and photographing some of the sights and cacti around here. Hope all is going well and you are enjoying the Reader's Theatre plays I gave you. 
Until tomorrow or later today. 

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  1. You took some great picks. we mis you .i wish you cood be here. the class rilly misses you are you haveing fun on your vacashon whats your favrite part of your vacashon you are a great teacher.we miss you hope you engod your vacashon.we hope you come back soon. you are my btf ich stands for best techer ever.


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