Apr 4, 2012

Oh, The Things You See Walking Around a Neighbourhood!

Good morning again! I trust you are having a good time with Mrs. McDace. Glad to hear it. I am hoping to have some posts this afternoon that I can write back to you about. 
Yesterday was a beautiful day. I spent some time in the swimming pool and laid on the lawn chair and read my book. As kids, you'd probably be in the pool but I preferred to be sitting on the side watching. The sun was quite powerful and even though I did not get sun burned, Phew! I know I need to get some better quality sunscreen. The stuff I brought from home is old and I don't know if it's going to work as effectively as it should.

I took my camera with me on my walk around the neighbourhood and I saw all kinds of interesting things. There is one in particular that I'm wondering if you know what it  is. I'll let you look at it and see what you think. 

It was a beautiful walk, the sidewalks are clean (I mean no snow. It does not snow if Phoenix, AZ because it is a kind of desert). The grass is green, the flowers are starting to bloom and the whole time I could hear birds chirping. I hope you enjoy the pictures. 
New growth.

This is where I am staying. It's the brown door on the left. The gecko you saw yesterday likes to walk on the wall with the windows. He comes out at night to eat the bugs. 

Mountain View Park

Park and school area around the condo, one of our favourite places to walk around.

I think this is the prickly pear cactus.

I wonder why the playground equipment is covered over? 

The sky is always this blue.

One of my favourite houses on my walk. Wouldn't you want to sit out there and read a book?

A pretty cool tree house. I was wondering what happened to the roof?

What does the bark look like?

A bird who was chirping.
There you have my photo adventures for Tuesday. I am looking forward to hearing you comments about them. 


  1. I wanted to give a few of my 2nd grade students disposable cameras to do something like this. Got to find some cheap disposables, but this was a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

  2. hous a going Ms.Brown are you haveing fun Ms.Brown

    from charlie

  3. I love your pitchers Ms brawn. Ispeshell the first.We all miss you a lot Ms brawn. I hope a happey birthday! at phoenix

  4. Ms.brown it sounds like you are having alot of fun.did you get to meet the Geco there.what books did you read ms.brown were they good or in the middle.what is the name of the place you are staying at.when was your birthday ms.brown.How many books have you read.

  5. ms.brown how is your trip .also I do not know if that a crab .and HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

  6. Hows pinex Ms.Brown

    from Maddy

  7. Hi Ms.Brown I miss you. It looks like you are haveing a wonderful time.I wundr what hapind to the tree houes.Happy Birthday.

  8. to:kassy ms.brown i miss you and happybirthday ms.brown and that food looks good and a nothere thing mcdace said can you fit in your bekeney.

  9. ms.brown happy Brthday. I like the flowers

  10. ms brown i hope you are ingoing fenix i wish i was in fenix right now.how many more days intill you come

    you are the best taecher ever

    from kaiya
    bff cool

    you are my bff

  11. are you having fun? we are. happy birthday.

  12. Hi Everyone,

    Well right now I am sitting on the back deck reading my book, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. It is quite good. I started to fall asleep and then realized you were all writing me a note on the blog.

    I am having a wonderful time and I miss you all very much. You have one more day of school and then it is your Spring Break.

    I went to the hockey game last night and the Phoenix Coyotes won. This means they might be in the playoffs.

    My husband has been out golfing and I've been staying at the condo, taking pictures with my new lenses and visiting with my mom.

    Looking forward to seeing you all when we come back from vacation.

    Ms. Brown

    PS Don't forget to sign your name so I know who is sending the comment.


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