Jul 6, 2011

Royal Visit to Slave Lake

When I heard that William and Kate would be making an impromptu visit to Slave Lake I knew I had to be there. I got up at 6:00 a.m. today and headed out to pick up my friend Allison. Thanks for sharing in the experience with me. We drove to Slave Lake and found a spot. There must have been thousands of people. Not as many as other places but a lot for this small northern community. 
We ended up meeting two friends who also made the trip, it was nice to see others we knew. I had to go to the washroom the whole time but I refused to leave. It was hot, hot, hot. I'm sure my summer tan got started today. 
We waited and waited in the hot sun. Apparently they went to the burn site first and then made their way back to Northern Lights College. This caused them to be very late. They arrived in a bus and got dropped off at the main doors quite a ways from where we were. 
I know they are on here. I was so busy snapping the picture that I couldn't look.

We thought if we waited in this spot they would eventually get out and do a walk around and wave. Instead, they went inside and met with many of the locals who had lost their homes in the fire. Lucky for them to meet the prince and princess but not for having lots their homes. 
Allison and I decided to stay in the same spot fighting off people who were shorter than us. I'm sorry but we were here first and it would have meant we were that much farther away. We actually got a bit closer because others left do to not wanting to wait anylonger. 
You could hear the crowd cheering when they emerged out of the college and we were sure they would be walking by us. Unfortunately, they got into the vehicles and only did a short walk. The SUV carrying them did drive by us, you'll hear me screaming in the video that I saw him. The picture is very blurry but I did see him. He waved and flashed his gorgeous smile at the crowd. I'm sure it was only at me (te, he). It was hard to see Kate because of the darkness inside the vehicle.
I'm so happy I went and had the experience. I've never done anything like this before and I'll never forget it. 
Allison's photo of him.
We drove to the airport to see them take off but were told they had left 35 minutes before. Allison wasn't convinced because the police were still hanging around. We toured around town a bit and then finally saw this huge aircraft carrier take off then a smaller white plane and a helicopter. If you look in these photos you will see each of these planes. We're not sure if we actually saw them leave but I'm going to say, yes we did and end it with that. 

This photo is copied from Global Edmonton website but notice the white plane and military helicopter. We saw all of these take off.
 We think the policeman told us a little fib. Shame on you.

What a day!!!!!! and an experience I will NEVER forget.

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