Jul 14, 2011

I just got my invite...

I have been watching and taking note of this phenomenon called Pinterest. What is it you ask? I'm sure but I'm about to find out. I had asked I Love 2 Teach for an invite but she must be busy so I went to the site myself. Well, I tell you the waiting was killing me. I went to Facebook and joined up and then it arrived in my inbox. The anticipation and waiting was killing me. I felt out of the loop which isn't good. 
I've got it now so I'm going to create an account and log in to see what fuss is all about. Wish me luck!


  1. So sorry I didn't get back to you soon enough. I sent you an invite, but it looks like you got in. :)

    Happy Pinning!

    I Love 2 Teach

  2. ok so I got an invite and then accidentally deleted it and it's no in my trash either :) I have tried requesting a few times since and they wont send me another invite is there anyway you or someone could send me an invite ... pretty pretty please!!! Thanks sooo much, btw I love your blog :)

  3. I'm testing out adding my link to the blog in the comment section.
    Ms.Brown's Grade 2 Class

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  5. Have fun! Come chek out my pinterest inspired project at mysecondgradejournal.blogspot.com

  6. Post your link so I can follow! Here's mine! http://pinterest.com/catchthemoon/

  7. http://pinterest.com/april_brown2/

  8. April hi I'd love an invite to pinterest. My email is luckylou31@yahoo.com


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