Jul 12, 2011

Classroom Set-Up 2010

 I have been inspired by many posts from various other teachers who've showed their classrooms and shared some of their organizing ideas. These pictures are from last years classroom set up. I've changed a lot of things. I like to take the time after school is finished and think about what worked well and what didn't work well. My school is being cleaned now so I can't show you pictures of what the class looks like this year but stay tuned for them in the coming weeks. 
 This is snap shot of coming into my room. I love having fresh flowers displayed and my collection of penguins.

 Here's what you see when you walk in. The teacher desk has been moved against the wall and the chart stand sits on the same wall as you walk in on.
 The CAFE board has also been moved. I found it wasn't being utilized here. Half way through the year I moved it under the SMART board. Bulletin board space is limited because I use it to display a lot of my students work and not prepackaged charts, etc. I am working on creating a Notebook file to display it on my SMART board and to put up another one at the back where I've moved my guided reading table.
 Back of the classroom.
 When this picture was taken, I hadn't gotten my kidney shaped guided reading table. It arrived the next day.
 Looking from the area where the computers sit.
 Our reading area and some of our books.
 Discovered too many kids sitting at these tables causes them to talk. This year, I've only put two chairs at each table. As I look at these pictures I can't believe how many changes I've made. I can't wait to show you. Our rooms are quite small so I've got to take advantage of every square inch. I'm replacing the 4 desks with two tables.
 Behind my desk. Last time it was clean :-). This is an odd shape in the room. I have to use this space for my teaching resources and desk because all of the electrical comes to this location. My desk basically a larger table for my personal computer, classroom computer that controls the SMART board and the document camera (non of which are shown). 
I love the Sterilite drawer units for holding my weekly materials and some teaching resources.

Again behind my desk.
The space is going to be arranged differently for this year. Please come back and visit to see the updated version. It seems very bare and sterile but everything is not out and ready for the year.

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  1. I'll be getting rid of the clutter and cleaning tomorrow. I hope to have my class looking clean and organized like yours.
    Little Treasures


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