Jul 22, 2011

I Shouldn't Have Gone! But I'm Glad I Did!

I really shouldn't have gone to Dollarama but I did and I'm so glad I did. I had come from an afternoon matinee because I can due to summer holidays with my friend Mem and I asked if she wouldn't have minded go to the store. I had never been which she found quite shocking. After my purchases, I know why I hadn't gone before, in fact I had to go back to get more of the smaller containers and found even more.
I had noticed other teachers were posting some great finds at Dollar Tree, Target Dollar Store, etc. We just got the Dollarama a couple of months ago and I refrained from going because I knew there would be things I came out with that I didn't really need. I'm trying to down size. The items I found were exactly what I needed. Are you ready to see them? 

 I bought these little butter containers so kids could put their cut out words for Word Study in them. They will fit in their book boxes perfectly.
 I had to buy these because Mem suggested it. They are nice and big for mixing paint.
 This was a fab find when I went back for the butter containers. I am planning on making word sound cards for Word Hunts. These cheese boxes will store these cards perfectly.
 The table cloths are for art. Instead of putting out newspaper every time we do art/paint/oil pastels, these table cloths can quickly be put out and cleaned up easily. Best idea I've had in about 2 weeks :-).

These rectangular tubs will be used for math work stations. They are nice and wide to have images taped to bottom or lid as well has hold any materials needed. So excited to build the stations now. Shoe tubs were too skinny for what I needed. This is a great find.
Oops!!! I forgot to take an individual picture of the paint brushes. These are nice and small for little hands and they last a long time especially if they are taken care of. Plus if something happens, they are 20 cents. Not a huge loss. 
I hope you have gotten some inspiration from seeing the items I found today.
Have fun shopping!


  1. I'm really (!!!) scared to go shopping-I might not have money left for school clothes for my daughter! :)

  2. You were like a kid in a candy shop at Dollarama! I enjoyed our movie and shopping trip today. Not surprised you went back! :)

  3. That's funny Shannon. Good luck with making that decision.
    Mem it was fun? I had to go back to get those butter containers then I found the shallow tubs for my math stations. Love them. Now I need to get them organized and myself organized. Fun stuff.

  4. Thanks for stopping by and inquiring about the paper clip bookmarks. Here's a link for you to see them: http://www.etsy.com/listing/20389123/the-grape-escape-paper-clip-bookmark
    I am currently adding new items and was changing the shop around, but these are back up so you can check them out. =)
    Off to check out your blog now. Looks cute!

  5. I <3 Dollarama...they also have great prices on large zipper bags (the kind banks use). I use them for take home bags.
    Happy Shopping!


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