Jul 16, 2011

2 or More of My New Favourite Things

Well number one has to be Pinterest. I'm so addicted. I haven't quite got all of my pinning done but I'm working hard at it. How am I ever going to get anything accomplished that I see. There are so many great ideas. I'm just getting started pinning so please excuse the BLANK spaces. I'm sure they'll get filled soon enough. 
If you want an invite please leave me an email in my comment section and I'd be happy to oblige.

The second thing I love is Hot Yoga. I've NEVER gone before and had my first class tonight. Oh my goodness. Why haven't I gone before. 

The other things I love these days are the sun. We haven't seen it up here in Northern Alberta for about a week but today it made an appearance and we are so happy to see it. 
Until then, what are some of your favourite things.
I'm also loving summer vacation and being able to look at all of the blogs I've found and read books that have been on my reading list for over a year.

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  1. I am now one of your pinterest followers! Thanks for including me in your blog scroll on there, what a fun surprise! You "filled my bucket!"


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