Aug 28, 2011

Favourite Day of The Year

Just as everyone else has written about the end of summer holidays, I'm doing the same thing. Tomorrow is my official day back to work. Unofficially, myself and several other colleagues (keeners) have been working on and off all summer long preparing for the year. 
I know I like to be as prepped as I can be. It sure makes life a lot easier. I've worked all week inside and decided to take today off. It's been hard to not go in. Well, I'm not really taking the day off just not in the classroom. I'm sitting on my deck and enjoying the nice day.
Tomorrow is our PD day, Tuesday is Staff Meeting in morning then the afternoon to prep. Wednesday is the official first day for the students.
I don't know about you, but the first day of school has always been my FAVOURITE even when I was a little kid. You'd go to school in new clothes with new supplies to meet new friends and of course your new teacher. What would they be like? Would they be nice or mean? Would homework be assigned the first day? Would they let me go to the bathroom if I asked? These are just a few of the questions I'd have in my head. 
I like the first day as a teacher because it's a fresh start. Sometimes after a difficult year it's nice to start with a clean slate. Both for the students and yourself. The kids are new and eager to want to be at school in anticipation of having their curious questions being answered. I'm eager to start in on routines and see all the new little faces that will become like family to me. I get to help make a difference in their little lives which is one of the many reasons I went into teaching. That and all the children's literature I get to buy. If you think I'm kidding then you don't know me very well. 
For anyone starting school this week I wish you a fantastic first day and let me know what your favourite day of the year is and why.
Happy First Day!!!

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