Aug 13, 2011

Book Leveling Sites

Was I ever thankful for these sites and conversion charts on Thursday and Friday when I decided to level some books in my library and new Usborne books I'd purchased over the year. 
I used the Scholastic Leveling Wizard site and the Lexile site to do this big job. When I searched to see how I could level the Usborne books there was not a lot of information. So I did some research and found out that Usborne uses the Lexile system more than the F & P Guided Reading system. I found these conversion charts. I typed in the name of the Usborne book and then used the Lexile number to cross reference it with the Guided Reading level. It was a very fast and helpful process.
I also had Rigby Readers and some Pair-It Books from Steck Vaughn. The Pair-It Books really required me to use my detective skills but I found a document that converts them. I've embedded the document for you.
Here are some great conversion charts I found that might be helpful. I wish you luck if you have to do some leveling of books.

Reading Level Correlation Chart Grade Level Reading Recovery ...

Older Rigby Titles in Leveling Guide pdf
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  1. Thanks so much! My school does a lot of Usborne book fairs, so when I dug out all of my room's library books, I had many Usbornes. And my neighbor teacher found boxes of Rigby books that are more 1st/2nd grade than what she teaches, so your info will be super helpful to me! :)

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  2. Oh shoot...I have a list of the Lexile system and how it relates to F&P...I should have sent it to you with your books. Sorry about that.


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