Aug 12, 2011

Classroom Update #2

When you walk into the classroom, this is your first view. 
I've been a busy little worker the last couple of days. It's been so nice to work when it's quiet. Nobody is in the school except my peeps, way on the other side of the school (our school is famous for being a whole city block long). I think this is good because I get lots done being the only one in my end of the school.
I'm sitting here enjoying a glass or two of my margarita and thinking I should update my followers on what's been happening with the mess I'd created in my classroom. That's if you are interested. Thank you to everyone who commented about my massively bright yellow shelves. I knew they needed to be painted white as soon as I'd taken pictures and posted them. The bright color, as cheerful as it was, was WAY TOO MUCH!!! It took awhile but I finished painting them on Tuesday. Assembled them and proceeded to place them around my room in many different configurations. Finally deciding on the one I'm going to show you. 
I don't have a theme in my room as many of you do. I just don't have the time and energy plus I like things low key with splashes of color here and there. I decorate this way at home as well. I love white and I've noticed it appearing over and over again as my base color with other items adding the "splashes."

My desk area and the one window in the room.
This is an odd shaped area. 
Looking into the reading area.

Looking towards the left from the front door.
 I'm trying my hardest to not take a picture of the left over paint cans, paper that needs to be shredded and empty baskets that need a home but still get a good shot. As you can see I've got several shelves in my room. Just in the middle of the picture are the white shelves that were painted.
This is the best view of most of the room. It's not a very large space but I think I've made the best use of the space. I love how nice and bright it is. 
Most proud of this unit. It's up at the front. We built it to fit perfectly. I love IKEA Gorm shelves for just that reason. It is home to my new Math Stations, Word Study games, white boards and Word Hunt materials. It looks SO much better white and not bright yellow. I think it was going to be called Big Bird if it would have stayed yellow. A piece of carpet from our house will be going in the big area for us to all meet at.
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the computer area. I'm so creative. It's 4 stools the kids never used underneath an old table top. Computers need to be hooked up and head phones (laying on floor need to be attached). Still lots to do. 
 Looking into the room from the computer area.

More working space and shelves. I told you I had a lot.
I added new labels today. Attached them with hot glue, I hope I haven't created hours of work for myself in a year or two when I change them. Again, the white background.

I love how the color pops on the white shelves.

New section to my library. I decided to add some leveled books for those who need structure. I've been wanting to do this for 2 years now. Yahoo!! It's done.

My Math Stations.

All of my Word Study games are stored in these boxes.

Word Hunt cards and books that kids will use to hunt for words. I love these hanging baskets for markers and such.

I think these drawers will be used for each group to select their games during Word Study Game time.
I've still got a lot to do but it's coming along nicely. After looking through the photo's I can see that I've got some labeling of drawers, baskets and such to do. I will be adding photo's around of the room of what the book tubs should look like. I will be assigning students tubs to take care of throughout the year. 
I've still got my word wall and Daily 5/CAFE bulletin board to do as well as my writing station and Writing Bulletin board to move. It seems like it's never ending. I'm going to take break since I don't officially start work until Aug 29th. I thought it was the 24th but I was thinking of the old calendar. I'll be working on planning next week which will help to solidify some of my other ideas. Hope you've enjoyed to update. I've loved seeing all of your rooms for the last week.


  1. Thank you very much. It's nice and clean now, hopefully it will stay this way.
    Ms. Brown's Grade 2 Class

  2. April it looks so organized! Nice work. I won't be in my classroom until near the end of August. We go back the day after labour day but I probably won't have my official class until the Friday or Monday following Labour Day. Then the fun really begins. I'll have to take pictures of my room when it's set up and share with you too. I'm pretty lucky though as I have a rather large room (one of the largest in my school).

  3. Wow! You did deserve that margarita! You're room is looking awesome! Lots of hard work in there this week! Have a well deserved weekend off, my friend! :) Cheers!

  4. I wish Jeffrey was in your class! You're such a dedicated teacher!

  5. Where did you purchase the hanging baskets on a bar?

    Primary Graffiti

  6. The hanging baskets and rod all came from IKEA. Very inexpensive. I think the baskets are each 99 cents and the bar was maybe 2 dollars.
    Thank you for visiting everyone.

  7. Wow - very impressive - so organized and what a fantastic use of your space. it is cheerful and I bet the kids love being in your class. It is obvious you spend tons of time in your class and your students are so lucky to have such a dedicated teacher. Have a great year, April. Cheers,
    Kathy Hall

  8. Wow, I love how much storage and space you have. I have two small bulletin boards and not many shelving units. I need to get some more. I like the splashes of color against the white. I like how you put color strips on your white pull-out drawer units. Very creative. Nice job! I envy you.

  9. Thank you everyone for your comments. I really appreciate them. Jennifer, I wish Jeffery was in my class as well. I sure miss him. I bet he's growing like a weed. Say hello to Nate for me.

    I wish all of you luck who are just getting started.

  10. I love your room! Great inspiration to label everything nice and neat ^_^ Thanks for sharing!


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