Apr 17, 2011

Sunshine... Oh how I love you!

It's amazing what sunshine can do for your spirits. The sun is streaming through my windows and blinding me as I type (I really don't mind). The heat is wonderful. The dogs are even enjoying the rays. 

It's nice to see the sun because it's been long winter.  When you wake up to the sun it makes the possibilities for the day endless. You've got energy to do more, you want to be outside instead of cooped up indoors. With that being said, I think I'll take these two for a walk and then continue with my spring cleaning. I'll be back with more educational posts this week.

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  1. We really liked looking at your dog and cat. Katelyn loved it. Katelyn will be away today, but back tommorrow. She has made the class a special treat that she wants to bring and share. Sorry it is sweet, I hope you don't mind that she brings them to school thursday. Stephanie Wales


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