Apr 28, 2011

Party Time

I have never seen a group of kids so excited to earn a party as they were today. They have earned 10 check marks and were so proud of themselves. I know that I said I wasn't going to use rewards this year but this group of kids have had a really challenging year and I felt they needed to see and work towards a goal. 
So tomorrow they will wear their pj's to school, bring blankets and their DS's and PSP's to school. They wanted to have ice cream floats, so we are going all out.
I'm looking forward to tomorrow because of PJ Day and the Royal Wedding is on in the morning. I'm going to be dead dog tired but it's going to be worth it. 
Look for pictures.


  1. Curious how the bringing electronics from home worked, What if students did not have one? Did you worry about them getting damaged or stolen? Think it is a neat idea just wondering how it would work for my second grade.

  2. It worked very well. The kids played with their own DS's and ipods. They shared the games they were playing and watched if they didn't have one. Our kids ride the bus for over an hour in some places so playing games on the bus and listening to music helps to keep them from being disruptive so the driver can concentrate on driving. Kids were very respectful of those who brought and those who didn't. Some were even impressed that they could get onto WiFi.
    April Brown


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