May 4, 2011

Going Back to School

I just received the news today. I was officially accepted into the Master's Program at the University of Alberta in Elementary Mathematics. I can't believe it. I'm so excited about learning new things and expanding my knowledge further. I'm looking forward to reading and having discussions with others about how children learn math and what are best teaching practices. My mind is filled with all the possibilities. New books, new readings, new ideas, new debates, new challenges. I wonder if kids feel the same way when they begin school in the fall? What I'm not looking forward to is writing papers and deadlines. Perhaps our students in our rooms feel the same thing. Something to think about. I'll keep you posted about what this new journey is going to be like. It's so exciting.


  1. Congratulations!! So cute!! Love your site!! I am new to blogging and was wondering if you would kindly follow me!!


  2. COngratulations...I'm looking into that same journey :)
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