May 27, 2011

Hair on My Arms

I haven't posted anything in at least a week. It's been VERY busy and VERY stressful. We got home on the long weekend to find a BUNCH of water in our basement. Not a fun thing to deal with. Still haven't heard from an insurance adjustor because they are busy with the Slave Lake fires. Rightfully so but please call us so we can get the ball rolling. Carpets and underlay have been removed, thankfully because it was starting to really stink. Enough about me. 
This week we had a fabulous lunch from our teaching assistance. I actually got to eat in the staffroom for a whole 30 minutes what a treat. I had a chance to talk with a teacher who helps me with some students who are struggling. We were discussing the progress a student had made and we were overjoyed with how well this student has done. Let's call this student Speedy Gonzales.  By no means is Speedy at grade level but the progress made has exceeded our expectations. Speedy has done his homework, mom has been so supportive of us and helping her child. Speedy has worked so hard all year. His attitude has been positive and willing to try and learn, in fact he wants to do well. I know they all do but I particularly see it in him. Plus I'm writing about him :-)
I have a special little place in my heart for him. Yes, he squiggles and makes noises, spins and doesn't always listen...oh right, they all do that, they are only 7 after all. He's polite, respectful and eager to please. Yesterday I was waiting for the kids to come in and Speedy was in the room first, hence his name. He was talking to another student and as plain as any conversation anyone might have he says, "Kim, do I have hairy arms?" It brought a smile to my face instantly in such a stressful day. 
Often we forget about the small, simple things in our lives that make us laugh or smile. Yesterday I sure needed a smile and a little giggle. Thank you Speedy for giving me that yesterday. You'll be a great big brother. 
Don't forget to smile today or laugh at something a little person says.
Ms. Brown

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