Oct 28, 2013

I've Unleashed the Monsters

Well I've unleashed the texting monsters. They were so excited to know how to text me information. I've had them add my contact information to their list of contacts so it's easier for them to send me video or images. 
I also had a talk with them about what's appropriate and not appropriate to send to their teacher and to someone else. 
Some of the students did not have iMessage set up. It's a simple thing to do and it doesn't cost you anything because Apple is genius, yes I just said that, sorry Blackberry or Android users. iMessage is used over wi-fi so anytime the students send me something it's through iMessage and not normal texting, unless you had a texting plan which I'm sure you don't. If you could set this up on their devices then it's an easy way for them to send me images or video they might take in the classroom.

They also used voice memos today. The iPads/mini's don't have this app and it's not one you can get in the App Store. You can get others just not the Apple version. You don't need to have this app, it's just a fun way to record voices. 
Have fun. 

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  1. Ms. Brown ROCKS! I can just feel the excitement of your students buzzing in the room during this! I love that you're integrating digital citizenship into the moment. And yes, you're right... Apple is genius! :)


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