Oct 6, 2013

Breaking Rocks 2013

I promised I would share photos but time just slips away. We're into week 6 of grade 2 and it's just flying by. 
Our Investigation on Breaking Rocks/Persevering was a huge success. I know the kids had fun and they learned what it means to persevere. We'll continue to work on this during math, Reading, Writing and of course our new unit Boats/Canoes.
Here are some photos to keep you updated as to what we've been doing in class. 
We sorted rocks by 2 attributes.

They checked to see which rocks weighed more and then ordered them by their weight.

Planned what they would bring to break rocks. 

And smashing they did. 

He brought the big guns.

Will this work???

I've got to think about safety.

Hmmm... How am I going to do this?

I wouldn't want to be the rock right about now. 

Lookin' Good while breaking rocks.

Some of the rock holders we made. 

I hope you enjoyed the images. More will come. Up next Boats/Canoes.

Here's our driving question for our Boat/Canoe Project:
Why would a canoe be named as one of Canada's 7 Wonders of Canada?

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