Feb 7, 2013

Waterproofing and Insulation in Penguins.

Did you know waterproofing is, keeping something from getting wet? Penguins have oil on their tiny feathers to help keep the water from making them wet all the time. The oil helps to keep the layer of down underneath their top feathers dry. When our hands went into the water with the Vaseline/oil on them and we pulled them out, water droplets formed on top. The water didn't soak into our skin. 

Insulation on a penguin is the blubber/fat we don't see because the feathers and skin are on top. The blubber/fat keeps them warm so when they go in the cold water it keeps them nice and cozy. The blubber/fat is very thick and heavy. 
When our hands went into the blubber glove, it was warmer on the inside of the glove than it was with our hand just in the water. Blubber and fat are squishy. 
Written with 2B's help

Look at how the droplets form on top of our hands.

Trying the blubber glove. Which do you think is warmer, the glove or the hand going in the cold water?


  1. Love your penguin ideas! I do a penguin unit every year, but have never thought to add this to my unit. It will be a must for next year. Thanks for sharing your great instruction!

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  2. You guys make it really easy for all the folks out there.
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