Feb 8, 2013

Finding Expressions

Good Morning All!
I am excited to share some of our math thinking we've been doing this week. I have to say, I love technology, especially when it works and having WiFi in my room. 
I asked the student students to bring in their iPod's yesterday so they could video tape each other finding expressions in their images they've created. 
Here is a really nice example of Mackenzie finding a mistake she made, and if you look really closely you'll see I marked the mistake correct. Oops!!!
She is showing you how she can see the expression 60 - 3 (she's written 60 - 4) in the drawing she's created. 

You'll see she realizes she's made a mistake and pauses. I think she takes some time between videos to think about her mistake, work it through in her brain and re-records her thinking. Here she is.

I LOVE that she realized her error and then they redid the recording. She's very confident in her thinking and retelling of what she's done. Today, I feel like we are getting some place, tomorrow, well... we'll see. I'll take what I can get.
Have a great weekend everyone. If you have some thoughts on her thinking or you're wondering why I'm having them find expressions in the images, drop me a line.

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