Jan 28, 2011

Sophia & Stanley

Sophia & Flat Stanley on PhotoPeach
We took Stanley to our school's Family Fun Night. He got to have his picture taken with her sisters and her older sister's friend. Stanley loved his little pancake for Saturday morning breakfast. He even got a small fork just for him.

Stanley got to a picture with Sophia at the Robbie Burns night. He loved the food. At the the Robbie Burns night Stanley even got to wear his own kilt. He got to have his picture taken with the Grande Prairie Pipe Band. Sophia's dad is standing behind her. He was a very good listener when the speeches were going on. He liked having his picture taken with the beautiful Highland Dancers.

He tried the Haggis and he loved it. We've had so much snow that Stanley was able to climb to the top of a huge snow pile. Etta and Sabina liked Stanley so much they wanted to have their picture taken with him. He was made to feel welcome because Sophia made him his very own bed. He is likely to want to return. He found so many friends this weekend that he wanted to stay. The owl was his very best friend.

Sophia's favourite part was having Stanley with her at the Robbie Burns Festival. 

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