Jan 12, 2011

Hannah & Flat Stanley

Hannah had Flat Stanley last weekend (Jan. 7, 8, 9th). The whole family went to watch Hannah's brother, Jordan play hockey. Sunday morning Stanley got to make his own little pancake. He thought it was delicious! Stanley got to go snowmobiling, snowshoeing and he made a snow angel.
Weezy and Stanley got along very well. In fact they became such good friends that Weezy took Stanley for a ride on his back. If you didn't know who Weezy was, it's Hannah's cat. We named him Weezy because he likes to eat Cheezies. They also went to the pet store but didn't take Stanley inside because they were afraid of having him eaten by a dog.
Stanley got to go to Hannah's church, St. Joseph's Church and he was happy to go to Sunday School with Hannah. He got to go and praise God.
Hannah's mom loves to bake, Stanley got to help make Apple Bread. Hannah says, "It tastes like apples mixed in with Banana Bread." At the end of day, Hannah read Stanley her humungous cat book she got for Christmas. We didn't show Stanley a picture because we were afraid he would get scared. The picture was of a cat with no fur and big teeth, it kind of looked like an alley cat. Hannah really enjoyed having Stanley. She thought he loved the Weezback ride on Weez.

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