Nov 24, 2010

Rand's Adventure With Flat Stanley

Rand took Flat Stanley home last weekend (Nov. 20th and 21st). Here are some fun things Stanley got a chance to do with Rand.
We read a Star Wars book. You will see Stanley and I with my fat cat Vash. Do you want to know what the word Vash means? Stanley got to play guitar hero. He was really good at the game. Rand showed Stanley around his house. The weather was really cold that day. Stanley should have been wearing his coat and snow pants. Stanley saw the full moon because it was really dark outside. Rand has lots of trees behind his house. Rand lives beside Ty. Ty is in Rand's class. Stanley saw a lot of snow. Did you know we've only had snow for one week?
If you were wondering about the boat it is a Pirate game called Ron and Bones. It's a pirate game where you need to fight. Sometimes you have to roll the dice and people lose their life. There are also cards and symbols.The object of the game is to kill the other players pirates. Rand and his dad built the boat out of wood. A 2D boat was given with the game but Rand and his dad wanted to make it 3D so they built this boat to play the game.
The last picture is Rand and Flat Stanley playing with his castle that Rand has had since he was two years old.

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