Dec 4, 2014


The students have begun working on asking themselves some deep thinking questions while they read fiction and non-fiction books. This also transfers into our science and social studies work. A goal of mine is to get them to be inquisitive about what they are reading and wondering about. 
We have just begun this process and here is the first of some of the deep thinking questions they came up with. We were working from an interesting book called "If..." by Sarah Perry.

It gives you the opportunity to think outside the box about what if something were different than what you know it to be. Here are some of the images from the book and the questions the students asked. 
I used Google Draw (It was their first time using it) and all I could hear was Oooo and Awwww about how cool it was. This idea of technology is so new and exciting. You tend to forget the power it has. What will these kids be able to do in the future, if this is what they can do now?
 I hope you enjoy the questions. I know their spelling is TERRIBLE and hardly any of them use the question mark but I think it gives us an opportunity to go back and edit what they wrote on another day.


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