Sep 8, 2014

Welcome Back!

I figured if I wanted you to come to the blog I better post some stuff for you to read. We got through the first week of school, boy was I tired Friday, and we're into the second week. 
Your child is settling in and learning the classroom routines. Last week we looked at translating our name pattern's into actions, sounds and on paper and with colour. More work is going to be needed. 
This week we'll be working on building routines for Reader's Workshop and Word Work. We are up to 8 minutes of reading stamina. Yay!!! You may have heard that we collected rocks today for our Rock Investigation. We'll be working on Perseverance, tomorrow you can ask your child what this word means. In our rock unit, we'll be learning how to sort, work with mass, learn how to persevere and build a plan for breaking rocks. Don't tell them about this because it's a surprise for the end of the week. In math we're working on learning how to subitize (when you look at a collection you can identify it without counting) and seeing the parts inside the whole number. For example, the whole number is 6 but the parts might be 3 + 3, 2 + 5, etc. 
In writer's workshop they are learning to write from their own ideas and begin to organize their writing on a 5 Finger Planner. 
Looking forward to posting some photos. 

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