Sep 6, 2013

Successful Week

We've successfully completed our first 4 days of school. Some of them flew by and others well, let's just say I'm glad today was Friday. You could tell the kids were tired. 
What did we accomplish? Well, we learned how to fill out our agendas, continually learning the classroom routines, worked on building our stamina for Reading to Self, picked out books to take home for homework (although some are not making good selections but we'll work on that next week), did an important spelling assessment, worked on comparing in math, measuring and dot collections. Oh I forgot the dreaded computer lab. We went twice to learn how to log on and guess what, the second time we had no tears. They sure persevered which is great because we'll be working on this for the next two weeks. 
Next week we'll start our Rock Investigation and I can't wait. We'll be sorting, comparing, discussing equal, breaking them, building rock holders and collecting them. It's going to be so much fun. 
Here are some photos of the kids working in the classroom. 

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