Feb 22, 2011

Kasha's Adventure with Stanley

Kasha was so excited to have Stanley come and visit, she had to take his picture twice on her bus. One is of her bus driver and the other is Bella and Lindsey. Stanley got to eat a Reese Piece cup, he thought it tasted GREAT! Kasha's Grandma wanted to have her picture take with him. Stanley was dancing on her knees. Kasha and her brother, Tegan also had their picture take. Stanley was excited to meet her brother. Tegan gave Stanley a huge hug and he flatten out more than he already was.
Stanley jumped up onto a box and onto the pool noodle. He was afraid of heights but was brave enough to stand on one foot.
Kasha and Stanley had a busy weekend. They were invited to Tyson and Camron's birthday parties. At Tyson's party, Stanley got to watch the kids Tye Dye. He saw Kasha unwrap the elastics and saw Kasha's shirt she called, Fireworks. It was cool!
At Camron's party, they got to play a game where you grabbed a toy and if you didn't get one you had to sit out. It's kind of like Musical Chairs. They got to drink fruit punch and chocolate cake.
Kasha's favourite part was going to the two birthday parties with Flat Stanley.

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