Jun 24, 2012

Play Day & Swimming

If the weather continues to cooperate then Play Day will take place in the morning. In the afternoon, we'll be going to the Eastlink Centre for our annual swim with the other grade 2 classrooms. 
Don't forget your bathing suit, towel and a bag to hold all of your stuff in. Parent volunteers, if you happen to have a membership to the Eastlink Centre could you please bring it, if not the school will cover your costs for volunteering your time. 
We'll be at the pool close to 1:00 and be swimming until about 2:30. We will assign you some students who you'll be responsible for. 
Looking forward to tomorrow. Get lots of rest it's going to be a busy day. 

Jun 15, 2012

Bike Ride

The bike ride is a go. Don't forget your helmets, water, snacks and lunches. I am getting excited.
Ms. Brown

Jun 13, 2012

Neat Transformations - Day 14

When I came into work this morning and looked at our chrysalis's I discovered one was getting really close to finishing its transformation. Here are some pictures. 
 This is just an interesting picture one of the kids took. 
Look at how transparent the outer layer of the chrysalis is. You can see the inside of the it and see parts of the butterfly. So cool....

Caterpillars - Day 4

The caterpillars have been busy eating and eating and growing and growing.
Here are some pictures the kids have taken. The pictures run from Day 4 up to about Day 12.

Eating and eating.

They are growing bigger

Starting to form the J Shape just before they turn into a chrysalis

They've turned into a chrysalis

 Taking them from the vials and putting them into the net on day 12
 Resting and waiting for their transformation into butterflies.

This is what's left in the vials. Do you see the left over skin from them shedding? 

Jun 4, 2012

Caterpillars - Day 2

What we saw?
1. Maddy saw a whole bunch of silk webs. Thought they were in shock that's why they were not moving.
2. Kassy saw the webs on the wall.
3. Kaiya saw some of the caterpillars have crawled up the wall.
4. Erika thought some of them were dead.

The size of the caterpillars stayed the same from one day to the next.

Caterpillars - Day 1

What we did?
1. We put the caterpillars in the vials with some food. 
2. Looked at them.
3. Cleaned our hands really well so we didn't contaminate the caterpillars. 

What we saw? 
1. Brooke saw them moving around and she thought they were eating food.
2. Teegan saw them curled up in a ball. 
3. Maysen saw they had webs.
4. Alyssa saw some were climbing up the walls and curling up.
5. Amber saw hers eating.