Nov 17, 2013

Grade 2 At A Glance

Parents if you are wondering about what or why things are taught in school, the government of Alberta has put out A Child's Learning: A Parent Resource to help you understand what we are trying to accomplish. This link above takes you to a general page. You are welcome to explore other grades but here is the link to grade 2. It's a pdf file so it might be difficult to view on your phone. 
Here is a visual I use to help me in my planning and thinking about curriculum.

I've linked it to the Alberta Education website if you wanted more information. I hope this helps to clarify or maybe give you more insight into what you're child should be learning in school. 

Nov 16, 2013

All Aboard Inquiry Project

Starting next week, we'll start to get serious about our All Aboard/Canoe project. I've had to make several adjustments to the investigation but I'm happy I did because it's going to be a new experience for the students. 
Inquiry means - a close examination of a matter in a search for information or truth, basically it means coming to conclusions yourself by examining several factors, images, ideas, and resources. The students will be inquiring about; how waterways in Canada shaped various communities? This project will look at the various communities in Canada and how boat transportation in early settlements shaped each community.  
Our investigation will be an inquiry into the availability and accessibility of Canadian waterways, and how individuals, along with good and services, would have been able to move about different communities in Canada by way of boat. As well we will look at how the waterways and transportation of goods and people shaped the communities the students will look at. As we investigate, the students will uncover why the canoe have become a wonder of Canada? 
This graphic shows all of the sites which are safe for students to search. They will be using these images and information to help them answer important questions. 
They will use their blogs to write journal entries as to what they've learned and discovered. Please check them regularly to give them feedback and quality comments on what they've written.