Mar 21, 2011

Busses Cancelled

Well it's a snow day at school today. I wanted to say good bye in person to you but I won't be seeing you this week. Have a terrific week at school. Mrs. Carroll will be your sub. 
Have a terrific week. I will be sitting by the pool reading a great book. 
Ms. Brown

Mar 15, 2011

What's New...

It's been a week, if not more since I've posted on here. One of my students had to gently remind me that I haven't posted anything in awhile. I have to say, she was quite diplomatic about it. Thank you!!
It has been a very busy 3 weeks with Report Cards, Parent Teacher Interviews and then Teacher's Convention. Next week is the last week before Spring Break (although my Spring Break starts in one week. Hooray!!!!). I'll be travelling to warm and sunny Arizona. I can't wait to get away from winter. It just doesn't seem to want to go away. 
We've been learning about making healthy choices with our food and learning to incorporate exercise into our lives. I came up with a great idea to incorporate art and healthy eating. So, I brought in several different kinds of fruit for the kids to build 3D structures. I didn't know what to expect and I was pleasantly surprised by the creations the students came up with. Here they are:

Fruit Art on PhotoPeach

Mar 8, 2011

Behind Schedule

I am feeling so behind right now. I haven't posted in over a week. The kids have done so much great work. I'm going to take some time this weekend and do some posting. Hopefully I will catch up and give you something to read and look at.

Mar 1, 2011

Busy Time of the Year

Hello Everyone!
I finished doing report cards last week. I know how important they are especially to keep parents up to date with how their child is doing but they are ALOT of work. I'm glad they are finished. This week is Parent Teacher Interviews on Wednesday and Thursday. I don't know if I'll have time to post again until the weekend. 
I've been working on some game cards for Word Study. I have to say that I LOVE numbers (Mac's version of Excel). I don't know why I didn't use this sooner. It would have saved me a tone of work. I'm glad I've figured this out in time. 
See you soon. 
P.S. Stay tuned for pictures of our Healthy Eating Unit.